The club began many years ago through the efforts of some very dedicated backcountry skiers who were looking to connect with likeminded folks. It has grown into the thriving entity that is today through their determination and dedication. Here we pay tribute to those that made it what it is today.

Peter Roper
Peter Roper

John Minier
John Minier

Brian Kalet
Brian Kalet

Kevin Wieczorek
Kevin “Old Man” Wieczorek

Chelsea Morgan
Chelsea “Badass” Morgan

Dave Reed
“Dirty” Dave Reed

Matt Primomo
Matt “Momo” Primomo

Luke Kroiss
Luke Kroiss

Erik Stevens
The indelible Erik Stevens

Jeffrey Moskowitz
Jeffrey “Moski” Moskowitz

Jonny Cromwell
Jonny “Bomber” Cromwell

Anthony Orig
Anthony “Asian” Orig

Andrew Steger
Andrew “STEEGER” Steger